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Experiencing a loss of pressure in your gas boiler can be a cause for concern. At West London Plumbing Ltd, specialists in boiler repairs in Brentford, we often encounter this issue. Understanding the reasons behind pressure loss and knowing how to respond can be crucial for maintaining your boiler’s efficiency and longevity.


Identifying the Causes of Pressure Loss

A drop in boiler pressure can be attributed to several factors:

  • Leaks in the System: The most common cause of pressure loss is a leak somewhere in the heating system. This could be in the pipes, radiators, or the boiler itself.
  • Recently Bled Radiators: If you’ve recently bled your radiators to release trapped air, this can sometimes result in a drop in pressure.
  • Faulty Components: Faults in components such as the pressure relief valve or the expansion vessel can lead to pressure issues.

Steps to Re-Pressurise Your Boiler

If you notice your boiler’s pressure gauge showing a drop, here are steps you can take:

  1. Locate the Filling Loop: This is usually a silver or grey hose with a valve at each end, connected to your boiler.
  2. Check the Boiler Manual: Before proceeding, consult your boiler’s manual for specific instructions on re-pressurising your model.
  3. Turn Off the Boiler: Ensure the system is cool before you start.
  4. Open the Valves: Slowly open both valves to allow cold water into the system. You will hear water flowing into the boiler.
  5. Monitor the Pressure Gauge: Watch the pressure gauge, and once it reaches around 1.5 bar, close both valves.
  6. Restart the Boiler: Turn your boiler back on and check if it operates normally.


When to Call a Professional

If you’re unable to re-pressurise your boiler, or if the pressure drops again shortly after re-pressurising, it’s time to call a professional. Persistent pressure issues could indicate a more serious underlying problem that requires expert attention.


Regular Maintenance: The Key to Preventing Pressure Issues

Regular boiler servicing can help prevent pressure problems. A qualified engineer can identify and fix any potential issues before they cause a breakdown.


West London Plumbing Ltd: Your Local Boiler Experts

For residents in Brentford, Chiswick, and the surrounding areas, West London Plumbing Ltd is your reliable partner for all boiler-related issues. Whether it’s re-pressurising your boiler, regular servicing, or more complex repairs, our team of experienced professionals is here to provide swift and efficient solutions. Contact us for all your boiler needs, and rest assured of a warm, comfortable home.

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