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Gas Safety in London

Gas Safety Certification

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We offer free annual Gas Safety Inspection reminders as we know how busy every day life can be.  Contact our team to see how we can help with your annual servicing and inspections in your home and rented properties today on 020 3561 4415


As a landlord in London and throughout the UK of a rented property you are legally responsible (according to the Gas Safety Regulations Act 1998) to ensure that an annual Gas Safety Inspection is carried out and that you are in possession of a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate which means that all gas appliances, pipes and flues are working safely in accordance with Gas Safe Regulations.

As such only fully qualified and gas safe registered plumbers can carry out the Gas Safety Inspections (CP12). West London Plumbing have the necessary experience and qualifications to carry out these Gas Safety Inspections, fixing any problems and issuing the Gas Safety Certificate once the appliances and gas systems are safe. West London Plumbing also send out annual reminders for the Gas Safety Inspection two weeks prior to the gas safety certificate renewal date to arrange a re-inspection.   All certificates will be emailed upon completion.

It is a requirement by Law for a Landlord to have an annual Gas Safety Inspection carried out in their rented property and it is also recommended for householders to have gas appliances serviced and gas safety inspections carried out.

Don’t leave it to chance – protect your household and/or rented property and get your gas appliances checked!

Know the warning signs

Look out for these signs. If you spot any of them we would recommend to have your gas appliance serviced straight away:

  • Your appliance isn’t working properly
  • A floppy yellow flame rather than a crisp blue one
  • Black/brown marks on or around the appliance
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • Increased condensation inside the windows


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