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Power Flushing in London

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Central heating systems throughout London will really benefit from a power flush if it not running well or making strange noises as there may be a build-up of sludge & debris causing the problem.

Power flushing removes build-up by powerfully flushing your central heating system through with powerful cleaning chemicals & water.

Another good time to flush your system with a power flush is when you’re about to install a new boiler, your radiators are cold or not heating up like they used to. Other signs you need our London power flushing team is that your radiators need frequent bleeding or bleed dirty water, your boiler or pipes are making banging noises or your pumps aren’t working.

New boilers have smaller pipes feeding in to the boiler & debris/sludge easily block these pipes causing all sorts of boiler problems. Manufacturers may not honour boiler warranties when sludge/debris are the cause of your boiler problem so we always recommend having a power flush when installing a new boiler.

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